IQ Hedge Emerging Markets Beta Index

IndexIQ's IQ Hedge Beta Indexes were launched in March 2007 as the market's first family of hedge fund replication indexes. This suite of indexes serves as the basis for IndexIQ's other hedge fund replication indexes, which themselves underlie IndexIQ's hedge fund replication ETFs and mutual fund.

The IQ Hedge Emerging Markets Beta Index seeks to replicate the risk-adjusted return characteristics of the collective hedge funds using an emerging markets investment style. Emerging markets hedge fund managers typically invest in financial instruments such as equities, sovereign and corporate debt issues and currencies of countries in "emerging" markets, which are those in a transitional state from developing to developed.

Performance(as of 09/30/2014)

Index History (%)


IQ Hedge Emerging Markets Beta Index

-1.22 0.09 1.68 0.71


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The IQ Hedge Emerging Markets Beta Index is the exclusive property of IndexIQ which has contracted with Structured Solutions to maintain and calculate the Index.