IndexIQ is defined and guided by our Rules-Based AlphaTM philosophy, which combines the benefits of traditional index investing with the alpha potential sought by active managers. This philosophy is based on three key tenets:

1. Democratizing Alternatives:

  • Providing access to innovative, alternative investment products typically reserved for institutional and ultra high-net-worth investors.
  • Offering a consultative approach and a complete asset allocation tool-kit based on cutting-edge investment research and academic rigor to serve and educate investment advisors.

2. Alpha/Beta Separation:

  • Creating a suite of investment products designed as building blocks for more effective asset allocation.
  • Offering investors efficient access to alpha and beta sources typically reserved for institutional investors.

3. Third-Generation Indexing:

  • Rules-Based Alpha philosophy bridges the gap between traditional passive index-based investing and active management by leveraging the rules-based methodologies, systematic rebalancing, low cost and tax efficiency of passive investing and the out-performance "alpha" sought by active managers.
  • Providing a disciplined approach to building wealth without the risk inherent in stock-picking and active manager selection.