Jim Wiandt
Jim Wiandt is Editor of the Journal of Indexes and Publisher of and Exchange-Traded Funds Report (ETFR). Wiandt also oversees the Financial Technology and Design Group (FTDG) of Index Publications LLC.

The Journal of Indexes was originally founded by John Prestbo of Dow Jones Indexes, and has served as the “book of record” for the index industry since 1999. Wiandt took over as Editor of JoI in 2001, and the company he heads, Index Publications LLC, purchased the Exchange-Traded Funds Report (ETFR) in 2003 and in 2005. Index Publications has become a far flung enterprise, with approximately 25 employees, partners or contractors working directly with the company in offices in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, California, Ecuador, Spain and Germany.

In addition to overseeing the transition of JoI as an independent publication with editorial and financial support from across the index industry, Wiandt also spearheaded a similar effort in which he took on the role of managing the subsequently purchased ETFR. Founded by MARHedge and edited by Marsha Zapson, ETFR had established a position as the leading source of ETF news and data for the ETF industry.

In late 2003, Wiandt joined forces with Steven Schoenfeld, and cemented an agreement that facilitated the evolution of Schoenfeld’s Web site, which had been founded to support his book, into a broadly-focused, independent Web site. IndexUniverse now serves as not only the online home of the Journal of Indexes, ETFR and Schoenfeld’s book, Active Index Investing, but also has its own editorial team and includes extensive index-focused research, links, tools and data. In 2005, Index Publications completed the purchase of from Schoenfeld, who now serves as Chief Investment Officer, Global Quantitative Management at Northern Trust Global Investments.

Wiandt was formerly Publisher of and is the author of Exchange Traded Funds, a book that was published by John Wiley & Sons. He also helped Schoenfeld edit his 2005 Wiley tome to indexing, Active Index Investing. Before being hired as Site Editor at, Mr. Wiandt had a diverse and colorful editorial background. Most recently he had served as an editor and writer for Compton's Encyclopedia. There he was responsible mainly for content dealing with international finance and global affairs.

Previously he worked as a contract journalist in West Africa after serving in the Peace Corps in Niger. He has lived in Boston, New York, London, Spain, Venezuela, West Africa and Japan, serving variously as a teacher, legal assistant, writer and publisher. While in England, he served as an aide in the British Parliament. Wiandt is a 1991 graduate of Tufts University and currently lives in San Sebastian, Spain with his wife and son, maintaining an apartment and office in New York.